A Beautiful Poem

poemHow would you react if you learned that a sad and beautiful poem that touched you deeply had been written by a computer?


  1. It feels a little like Skynet… I would still love the poem but be terrified that a machine understands our feelings enough to possibly rise up and be all Terminator on us!

  2. It would feel quite odd. I know that AI is still limited at this point, so the connection I would have thought I had with the artist would be completely false. It is a bit like when people interact with an AI therapy program that dishes them questions fashioned from their previous answers. People actually rate them as caring, when they obviously aren’t. I would feel much better about it if AI were more advanced and the machine really did know human emotion.

  3. I will kiss the computer and salute it as I believe “don’t see who is saying see what is being said”

    • Lee Phillips says:

      I agree totally! It wouldn’t bother me in the least – it’s just like a piece of art or music that is produced electronically – doesn’t matter to me as long as I like the words/looks/sounds of the piece, the source is of no consequence to me.

  4. I would still love the poem as it has touched my emotions.

  5. Craig A. Glesner says:

    I would totally thrilled. It would mean we might actually have some things in common.