Praise for The Book of Questions

“In a world endlessly in search of answers, this book reminds us that what really matters are the questions.” Seth Godin, author of Purple Cow and 15 other books, founder of multiple online ventures.

“The best questions are the ones you can’t Google. Here is a whole book of them. Your answers might surprise you…” — Austin Kleon, author of Steal Like An Artist and Newspaper Blackout

“Stock’s knack for wording a question in just the right way to provoke lively discussion is on full display again in this terrific new book. It’s fantastic!”  — Jeff Probst Host of Survivor and the Jeff Probst show, winner of 4 Emmy’s.

“Capturing both future and present dilemmas, this deceptively simple book packs a real punch.” — Ray Kurzweil author of How to Create a Mind and founder of Singularity University.

“When the original Book of Questions was published, it provoked hours of conversation and engagement among me and my friends. The new book is even better and should provide hours and hours of entertainment and enlightenment.” — Fareed Zakaria author of The Post-American World

“These questions can take you into critical examination of what you are doing in this life.” — Robert Thurman professor of Buddhist studies, Columbia University.

“Provocative, surefire conversation starters. Watch out; some of them will have you questioning old, comfy assumptions.” — David Brin author of The Postman and The Transparent Society

“In a good question is the thread of an answer.
A good question is better than a brilliant answer.
I personally focus on the word ‘quest’ in question, which is the essence of each interlocutory.
Gregory Stock’s book is a seductive and delightful journey about the essence of conversations which is the question.” — Richard Saul Wurman, Creator of TED and TEDMED, author or designer of 70 books.

“What makes The Book of Questions cool is that I find myself cringing at some of the questions that I’ve consciously avoided asking myself. If you hate thinking deeply about things, put this book down now, while you have a chance.” — Harry H. Harrison Jr. Author of Father to Son and eleven other books.

“Don’t know what to do this weekend? Here is the answer… pick up this book and drive your friends, loved ones, neighbors, and strangers crazy with smart, tough, interesting questions.” — Juan Enriquez founder of Life Science Project at Harvard, author of As the Future Catches You.

Interesting questions! Some of the most bizarre ones may be everyday issues in our fairly near future.” — Vernor Vinge author of Marooned in Real Time, and a dozen other ground-breaking Sci FI works, winner of 4 Hugo Awards and 2 Prometheus awards.

“These questions will get you thinking about some of the things we can go through a lifetime avoiding; they’re deep questions, but then humans at our best and most real are deep people.” — Bill McKibben author The End of Nature and Oil and Honey: The Education of an Unlikely Activist.

“The Book of Questions covers an enormous range of challenging issues with wit, insight and brio.” — Arthur Caplan  Head of Division of Bioethics, NYU Langone Medical Center, author of 25 books and 550 papers.