Your Pet

doggieFor $50,0000 would you put to sleep a healthy pet you love? How much more or less money would it take to change your answer?


  1. This is a hard one. It would take a lot more money. A lot of people in the poll say they wouldn’t do it for any amount. Really? Not for a million or a 100 million? I don’t believe them. And if they are telling the truth, then would they really not sacrifice their dog to save untold numbers of people with that money. After all they could refuse to take one penny of it for themselves.

  2. Lee Phillips says:

    This is a very tough answer – I love my dog, and truly can’t imagine life without her (although she is getting old and I know it’s going to happen one of these days) but, think of all the good that you could do for many, many animals at a humane society, or even just building something yourself with millions of dollars so you could take care of lots of critters, not just one.
    Not to be like a Trekkie, but as Mr. Spock said “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one.” That’s the long way of saying, No, but I would for a lot more money.

  3. This one’s easy. Give me a billion. Or a trillion for good measure.

    With that I could have my pet frozen or otherwise preserved, then have research conducted into how to revive him/her. Countless others will probably also benefit, I get my pet back, and I keep whatever money’s left over.

    I win. Next!

  4. No.

    First, no money is worthy of my decency as a human being. Second, this is a slippery slope kind of situation.

  5. Craig A. Glesner says:

    None, the love, affection, call it what you will is more important than the money. Also, lately I don’t particularly like my species so I will keep alive the one I do.

  6. Christa Harkins says:

    I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t kill any of my pets or anyone else’s either, even for that kind of money or more. Sure, I could use the money to save countless more animals or even humans, but that’s no excuse because I could give up my brand new model car or quit buying other expensive or superficial things if I wanted more money to donate to helping people. Killing my pet would be totally unnecessary if I wanted money to serve in that (or any) capacity. Besides, I’d be overrun with guilt for the rest of my life knowing I’d been paid off to kill my pet, and a peaceful mind is worth so much more than money.